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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Internal Marketing for Prospective Employees

How often do businesses think about or utilize Internal Marketing?  If you aren't familiar with the term, it is essentially the process of marketing a business' mission and vision to its staff.  The goal is to foster positive employee morale and core competencies and, ideally, improve external customer relations through a variety of measurable methods. But how often do businesses practice marketing to prospective employees?

Businesses should want prospective employees constantly knocking on their doors

In growing a business, it is as important to market to prospective employees as it is to market internally. Taking the thought a step further, marketing to prospective employees is tantamount to marketing to prospective customers.  Businesses should want prospective employees knocking at their door every day as much as they want customers to contact them on their own.  If a business can't convince someone to want to work for them, how can they possibly hope to be perceived as the business that customers want to call on?  

The interviewer and the interviewee are interviewing each other

Have you ever been uncomfortable in an interview?  It is an "inter"view; not an employerview.  An interviewer should feel just as much in the hot seat as the interviewee.  If the interviewee has no response to questions or comments, little response, or doesn't exude a sense of excitement about working for an employer during the interview, then the interviewer has failed.

Creating a welcome and comfortable atmosphere

As valuable as it is to create a fun & friendly working environment for a business's staff and customers, it is equally important for interviewees to feel this as well.  If a business allows for casual dress and a generally happy, jovial atmosphere where employees are free to express themselves, then express this before, during, and after the interview.

Offering the right tools to do the job

No matter what position a business is hiring for, it is critical to offer the right tools to do the job.  If hiring for an internal position, a business needs to have up-to-date technologies and technological devices.  I recently talked to branch manager of a national corporation that offers IT training solutions to businesses, but doesn't arm any of their sales staff with laptops or smartphones - HELLO!

Adopting technologies to adapt to the marketplace

Like every other aspect of business and marketing, evolving technologies and a rapidly growing world are impacting every aspect of any business in any market and in any industry.  When a business struggles to adopt the newest innovations and technologies, it fails itself, its customers, and anyone that might want to work there.