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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Marketing Classes: Leveraging Marketing for You & Your Business

Market Integrations offers customized Marketing Classes can be offered at your office, a local venue, or even virtually. 

Class Description
The overall intent for these classes is to demonstrate effective Marketing actions & strategies to create and develop a business’ Marketing Plan for future business growth. The course will address current marketing trends & options, integrative marketing communication methods, and tools & resources to analyze and manage marketing efforts, and strategies for continuous improvement. Small business owners and individuals interested in improving their general marketing acumen will benefit the most from these classes.

About the Instructor

Stirling Morris, is Owner and Marketing Executive for Market, a Marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas. For over the last decade, Stirling has been involved in Business Development, Sales, & Marketing. Stirling has also worked as an Educator as well as holding a few key Management and Senior Management positions for multi-million revenue generating businesses. Market Integrations provides Marketing Development & Marketing Management strategies that can be applied in any market and any industry.

Each class can be designed for your personal, business, or organizational needs including content, personnel considerations, and scheduled time and dates. Here are a few class ideas to help you improve your Marketing know-how:

  • An Introduction to Marketing Today 
  • Marketing Your Business Starts with Marketing You 
  • Reinforcing Marketing with Social Media Business Pages 
  • Developing & Integrating an Effective Marketing Plan 
  • Great Marketing is a Process of Continuous Improvement 

Contact Market Integrations today to arrange for your customized Marketing Class!