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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Marketing Reminds Each of Us to Start Anew

How do you start your day?  An exercise routine?  A cup of coffee?  Although I might practice these rituals as well, at some point every morning - before I begin the hustle and bustle of my day - I give myself some time of quiet meditation.  I stretch, I listen, I feel the world around me, and I project myself out into the infinite universe - come to think of it, it's a lot like being Superman without the daily worries of saving the world.

The takeaway is that I start each day putting my best foot forward, if not just in my mind.  

Of course, reality checks back in; checking emails, making follow up phone calls, replying to messages, finishing projects.  My meditation, however, has given me a fresh perspective.  A fresh perspective in the workplace allows for new ideas to be considered, if not implemented.  A fresh perspective offers us insight into a world that could be, rather than focusing on the daily grind.  It drives how we market ourselves and our business pursuits.  And, ultimately, marketing reminds us to start anew.

Unlike other business management considerations, marketing reminds us of why we’re in business to begin with - the entrepreneurial spirit.  It reminds us to grow and to be creative in all of our endeavors.  It tells us what direction we should pursue.  Marketing whispers those thoughts that shape the world around us without fear of what others might think.

We all do it.  We all market ourselves even if we don't consider ourselves marketers by profession.  So, start today.  Market the better you.