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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marketing Know-Meow: Love the Dog, Trust the Cat

We can learn a lot by looking at the world around us.  In architecture & engineering, there is a concept called biomimicry which examines nature's elements, systems, and processes as inspiration for creative design.  In marketing, we can develop a lot of marketing know-how by examining aspects of the natural world.  For example, we can learn a lot from our canine and feline family relationships to further understand marketing concepts.  

On the feline front, a cat will be smug and make you work hard to win its affection, and then, ultimately, do what it wants anyway.  This is comparable to what keeps us on our marketing development toes - always looking for the next innovative idea no matter how it may be received.  These popular marketing ideas may be short lived or long lasting.  But, either way, these ideas are successful until they evolve into the next great concept.  Like the Egyptian's perception of a cat, this allows us to see other worlds and other possibilities.

Conversely, you don't have to work very hard to win a dog's love and affection.  Once a relationship is established with our canine cohorts, a dog will return that love and devotion without question.  In marketing, or even business in general, this is tantamount to having positive relations with customers.  Your devotion for each other is ensured once established.  However, there is a danger that this will ultimately stymie creative thought and new marketing ventures.  We can get too comfortable with the tried and true.

So, what does this teach us?  Love the dog to create and maintain positive marketing relations, but trust the cat to bring new and improved thought.  Meow, what do you think?