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Monday, January 12, 2015

You're Not That Busy

How many times have you heard, or perhaps said, 'I'm busy'? Too busy to talk. Too busy to work on that right now, too busy to even take a break.

We're all busy. To say you're too busy to anyone (a co-worker, customer, partner, friend) implies that your time is more valuable than theirs. No one is that busy.

You can't do everything and no one expects you to. You can't possibly know everything, and the person reaching out to you might be doing so to help. So . . .

Just take a moment

When was the last time you took a break? Stand up. No seriously, keep reading this but stand up. Are you thirsty? Do you have to pee? Well, go, come back, and finish reading this. 

Take the time - you've earned it.

According to a study conducted by Oxford Economics for the U.S. Travel Association's Travel Effect Initiative, American workers forfeited 169 million days of PTO in 2013. That equals about $52.4 billion dollars in time off benefits. You ready for that break yet?

Make it a daily habit

How do you start your day? We all have an internal circadian clock - a biological process driving our behavior throughout the day (and night). Some of us are morning people, some of us are night owls, but, all of us eventually find our own rhythm. The trick is remembering that breaks are a necessary component of that clock.

By all means, set boundaries and set limits. But also take the time for a break - every day - for your sake and for others.