Thursday, September 20, 2012

P.I.E. in the Sky Event, Sponsored by Market Integrations

P.I.E. in the Sky Event, Sponsored by Market Integrations - Market Integrations

On the heels of NASA’s Curiosity landing on Mars, JJ’s Pizza in AlbuquerqueNM has announced that they have plans to launch the first pizza into space. The event, named P.I.E., Pizza in the Exosphere, will take place at 8:00 am on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at an undisclosed location in Albuquerque.

Justin Salazar, owner of JJ’s Pizza, summarizes his plans for launching a pizza pie into the
exosphere: “The JJ’s P.I.E. (Pizza in the Exosphere) Team will launch a pizza from Albuquerque into
space. Using a weather balloon with a camera mounted in the payload, we will capture an image of
the pizza in space. The payload will descend on a parachute. A GPS device will allow us to locate the
payload when it lands.”  Justin is planning on creating a video of the event to post online.  However, he welcomes people contacting him to visit the launch site.

For more information, contact Justin at JJ's Pizza at, 505-883-6962.

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