Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Independence in Marketing

The internet and online marketing has allowed us the freedom to be able to access, maintain, and manipulate projects and campaigns in an instant.  We are able to find the right application for any given marketing task, and when we can't, we know that we can either work to create it or find someone else to help us with it to create positive and successful changes. 

As the US celebrates the 4th of July today, I am reminded how these innovative changes in marketing are similar to how the founders of this country looked at change.  I'm not referring to the circumstances that led up to the US claiming independence, but rather how the founders of this country looked to future and the positive changes that developed from their efforts.

The founders of the US worked hard to escape persecution and to start a new life.  They wrote proclamations and declarations that focused on what was right & just at the time with high hopes of creating a better future.  But have US citizens become too focused on celebrating what the founders of their country did rather than what they dreamed?

I believe that they wanted us to move on and to not get too settled on traditionalism, that we shouldn’t march to the beat of someone else’s drum beat so many years ago and for so many past issues (resolved or not), and that, no matter what your philosophical, scientific, or religious stance is in life, that we should grow and evolve.

Marketing, like many other facets of the business world, is constantly evolving to help us sustain growth.  These constant changes in marketing allow us to claim independence from each older marketing effort.  Celebrating this independence in marketing is helping to create a more innovative and fruitful future.

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